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Military service a la italiana



Egregio signore
Minister of the
Ministero Esercito


Dear Minister of the military services.
Please give me the freedom, to submit you respectfully the following. I ask you for your benevolent effort, to process the affair quickly. To the time I wait for the entrance in the military service. I'm 24 years old and married with a 44 year-old widow, who has a daughter of 25 years. My father has married said daughter. Thus has become my father my son-in-law, since he has married the daughter of my wife.
Additionally has become my daughter my stepmother, when she married my father. My wife and I have gotten last January a son. This is a brother of the wife of my father, thus the brother-in-law of my father.
Besides it is also my uncle, since he is the brother of my stepmother. My son is therefore my uncle! The wife of my father has gotten on Xmas a son as well, who is at the same time now my brother, because he is the son of my father, and at the same time he is also my grandson, because he is also the son of the daughter of my wife. I'm therefore the brother of my grandson and since the husband of the mother of a person is the father, results, that I'm the father of the daughter of my wife and brother of their son. Therefore I am my grandfather.
After these explanations, dear Mr. Minister, I would like to ask you, to free me from the expected military services, because the law forbids it, that father, son and grandsons provide at the same time military service. I'm convinced by your understanding, highly honored Mr. Minister, and please you, to accept my excellent regards.

Your very devoted

Notice from Officer in charge:
The applicant is freed from the military service because of psychic instability and troubling mental disturbances, strengthens through a totally disturbed family understatement

Ministero Esercito



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